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A New Jersey Family 

Its Beginning and a Branchlet. 


Once of Humeston, Iowa. 

California Voice Print, 

Los Angeles. Cal. 



528 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 





Children of 
Thomas Leeds. 

I. THOMAS LEEDS, Sr.. the founder of the N. J. family, 
m. let m. 2nd Margaret Collier. 

William Lee Is, m. Dorathea 5 children. 


-; 2nd AnnStaey; 8rd 

Dorothy Yonng; 4th Jean Smout, 9 children. 
Thomas Leeds. Jr., m. Ann - . No issue. 


' Ann Leeds died an infant. 

Children of ^ Mary Leeds m. John Stockton. 

Daniel Leeds 1st. "^Felix Leeds m. Hannah Hewlings. 

"^Philo Leeds m. Abigail Dennis. 

6 Bethanah Leeds m. Mary 

r AnnrLeeds m. Heveli Elton. 
Daniel Leeds, 2nd,roarriage uncettain. 

'Titan Leeds m. Mary New bold. 

IV. Robert Leeds m. Abi<al Higbee, dan. of John and 

Alice Higbee. ^ 
Children of SARAH MATHIS, daughter of John and Alice 

Japheth Leeds' 1st. (Higbee) Mathis. 

Japheth Leeds. 2nd m. Rebecca Woodward. 
Nehemiah Leeds m. Elizabeth Wood (probably m. 2nd 

Sarah Johnson). 
James Leeds. 
Daniel Leeds 3rd, m. 1st Susannah Steelman; m. 2nd 

Rebecca Steelman. 
Mary Leeds m. Samuel Somers; son of John Somers 1st 

Sarah Leeds (probably m. Thomas Wilkins). •. 

Deborah Leeds m. Hugh Neale. 

Lorothy Leeds m. Jonathan Husted. 

Ann Leeds (may have been the wife of Robert Smith 

■who indly married Rebecca, widow of Danie 

Leeds 3rd). 
Hannah Leeds m, Peter Steelman 2nd son of Andrew 

Steelman 1st . 

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Children of 

John Leeds— four 

by each of his 

V. William Leeds m. Mary Osborn, dan'r of Richard 
John Leeds m. Elizabeth Giffen. 
James Leeds, 
two wives. Mary Leeds(perhaps m. John Little the 3rd. son of John 

2nd, gr'd son of John 1st). 
Daniel Leeds, 4th m. Mary Steelman dan'r of Fred- 
erick Steelman, 
Jeremiah Leeds m. 1st Judith Steelman; m. 2nd Milli- 

cent Steelman. 
Dorothy Leeds m, Robert Smith, son of Noah and 
, Judith Smith. ££j«-*- ,. Xu^^c^^ 

Noah and Judith Smith. 



— I- 

I. THOriAS LEEDS first appears to view in the company 
nf his three sons and their wives in 1676. Warrants for land were 
that year obtained by the four from the East Jersey proprietors, 
Thomas, Sr., and wife getting 240 acres and each of the three sons 
1 20 acres. 

Were it not for these warrants we would probably never have 
known thai the wife of the elder Thomas and the mother of his 
three sons came with him to this country; that Daniel had a wife 
before settling at Burlington; that William's wife's pro-name was 
Dorothea; and that there was a son Thomas, a married man. 

A query comes into mind right here : whence these eight peo- 
ple — were they direct from England by way of New York, or had 
they been living awhile on Long Island, or somewhere in the prov- 
ince of Connecticut ? A number of the early settlers at Shrews- 
bury, where the Leedses came to a halt, were from both these 
localities, entering the East Jersey province in answer to a call 
from its proprietors. 

Again, did they come to America as Friends, or did they unite 
themselves with that Society after their settlement in East Jersey? 
Thomas, Sr., died a Friend, but all the rest, with their children, 
apparently, quit the Society before the century was out, or within 
two or three years after its ending. The eldest son and heir of 
Daniel, Japheth Leeds, presently returned, however, but was, prob- 
ably, the only one to do so. 

Before two years had passed away the wife that Thomas, Sr., 

brought with him died. His second wife, Margaret Collier, was 

"of Marcus Hook, upon ye river Delaware," as the meeting record 

1 tells us, and his union with her occurred at Burlington "ye 6th day 

ofye8thtno, 1678." 

This is the first marriage recorded in the books of "God's peo- 
ple" at Burlington, and is signed by the witnesses only, the names 
of the united pair appearing above in the body of the document. 
One of the witnesses of the marriage was Robert Stacy, whose 
laughter Ann three years later married Thomas' son Daniel. 

Thomas Leeds died in 1687, his will having been written 9th 
nonth 13th of the previous year, and he was buried, doubtless, near 
lis first wife in the yard adjoining the old shingle-sided meeting 
it Shrewsbury. His widow seems to have removed to Philadel 
)hia, for her will is there recorded, its date being 9 mo. 18, 1703. 

— 2 — 

II. THOMAS LEEDS. Jr., thought to be the youngest of 
the three sons, must have died before his father, as there is no men- 
tion of him in the will of the latter. If he had children, they with 
their mother have disappeared from view. 

II. WILLIAM LEEDS, the eldest, as we may guess him to 
have been, his name following his father's in the list of land war- 
rants issued, was first designated a cooper, afterward a planter, in 
deeds made by him and recorded at Freehold, N J. He lived at 
Middletown in Monmouth county, at least until after the death of 
his wife. 

In 1705 William purchased 200 acres of land of his brother 
Daniel "on the sea coast near Absecom creek." In 1708 he bought 
more land, the seller of this being John Budd, a Philadelphia 
brewer; and between the two purchases, or in 1706, his 3rd son 
Jonathan became the owner of 200 acres "on the sea coast, near 
lands of Peter Conover and Sarah Rudd." 

It is not known whether this 3rd son of William was a single or 
a married man, but it is likely that the father lived with him until 
his — the son's — death about 1718, in which year William, Sr., 
"late at or near Egg Harbor," sells to I eter White, of the same 
place, (this P. W. was the guardian of Judith Letart, afterwards 
Somers), "23oacres, formerly supposed to be in Burlington county, 
but now considered to be in Gloucester." This property had been 
purchased of John Budd, May 15, 1708, as previously stated, and 
adjoined land of John Scull and the bay. It could not have been far 
from Leedsville, a cluster of houses now inappropriately called Lin- 
ville, in fact, I think, must have adjoined it on its J bsecom side. 

William, Sr., at this date had moved to Springfield, in upper 
Burlington county, where his death occurred, perhaps, a little 
before, or after, that of his brother Daniel. 

William Leeds, Sr. 's, wife Dorothea must have been bu,ried in Episcopal 
ground at Middletown, as her son William, who died in 1735, makes this re- 
quest : "that my body be buried by the body of my mother without any vain 

(_ pomp, or show, accoiding to the rites and ceremonies of the Church of 

L Kngland." 

4. The little obelisk in front of the church at Middletown is not known to rest up- 

- on the grave of William, Jr., and is of rather recent erection. This second Wil- 

. iam, who was childless, left all of his real estate — 400 acres — in, or adjoining, 

•£ the village of Leedsville. Monmouth Co., N. J., to the Episcopal Churches of 

-r Middletown and Shrewsbury, and this property, known as the Church Glebe, is 

still devoted to the use, or uses, for which it was given. B. P. L. 


— 3- 

I'. DANIEL LEEDS, brother of Thomas, Jr , an! William, 
Sr., and of whom we know most, transferred his r sidence from 
Monmouth county to Burlington count} - about 1677, he then being 
25 years of age. He may have buried his first wife before this 
change was made, but soon married again, 2 mo. 21, 16S1, Ann 
Stacy, daughter of Robert Stacy, a tanner of Burlington, and niece 
of Mahlon Stacy, who settled at the Falls of the Delaware, where 
Trenton now stands. After giving birth to a d mghter, "ye 3rd 
day of ye 12th month in ye year 1681," this 2nd wife died A nice 
farm, adjoining his own, shortly came to Daniel from his father-in- 
law, to be held for little Ann, but she too quickly passed away, 
though the exact date of her death is not known. 

The third wife of Daniel, to whom he was married a year after 
the death of Ann Stacy, the first or second month of 1683, was 
Dorothy Young, daughter of Robert Young of Burlington. Doro- 
thy was of stronger build than the preceding companionsof Daniel 
and became the mother of eight children, one of which she kindly 
named for the two Anns, deceased. 

The fourth wife of Daniel was a widow whose first husband was 
Samuel Abbott, and the second Edward Smout, the latter dying in 
1711. Jane (Abbott-Smout) Leeds was the daughter of Anthony 
Elton and Elizabeth Revell, her name appearing with that of a son, 
John Smout, in Daniel's will made June 27, 1720. Daniel's death 
soon followed the making of this will and we are told that he was 
buried near the waU of the little, old, brick, St. Mary's church, at 
Burlington, over the door of which is to be seen and read that 
Quaker text, "One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism." 

Daniel held several important offices in the West Jersey prov- 
ince; called himself a "Student of Agriculture;" is mentioned as 
an astrologer by Franklin in his Poor Richard Almanac for 1735 
and by Allibone is named as the first author in the provinces south 
of New York. He is known as the writer of a single volume 
called the Book of Wisdom, only one copy of which is known to 
exist; and began the compilation of almanacs in 1687, continuing 
to issue them for 27 years. As Suiveyor-General of West Jersey, 
he had for awhile the assistance of his son, Bethanah, and as alma- 
nac maker he was followed by his sons, Felix and Titan, the latter 
being driven from the field eventually by the success of the well- 
known production of Benjamin Franklin. 

The farm of Daniel Leeds, 1st, was about half a mile west of 
the present village of Jackson, in the township of Springfield, 
Burlington county, his house being on the north side of the passing 
road, a turnpike leading to Burlington cit}'. 

Tiie site of the house is still to be identified by a depression 
where the land abruptly descends northwardly. Its stone cellar 
walls were sold, about the year 1S64, to Dr. Charles Ridgway, who 
used tht m for the foundation of a barn built on the site of one 
sVnietinie previously destroyed by fire. In 1816 Isaac Uilyard, of 
Ptinbtrton, brother of Keziah \Voolst< n, of Vincentown, visited 
this old Lteds house, then standing. It was at that time occupied 
by an Irish tramp named William Little, who lived alone 

Isaac noticed the fire-places as being very large though the 
house itself was not of much size. It was a two-storied structure. 

The brick and frame Fenimore House, very old, on high ground 
just south of the pike and 400 or 500 feet southeast of the above 
de cubed place is also said to have had one of the early Leedses 
a* an occupant. This, or part of it might have been the Titan 
Leeds house, his father bavin given him Dec. 31, 1719, "the east- 
erly part" of his own plantation, containing 200 acres, with house 
1 nd improvements thereon. 

Daniel Leeds 1 children by his thrrd wife, Dorothy Young, were: 
III. J JAPHETH LEEDS, born Oct. 24, 16S3. He married 
Deborah . Their residence at Leeds Point, N. J. 

2 MARY LEEDS, bom l pril 19, 1685; married John Stockton, 

son ol th<- litst Richard Stockton and his wife, Abigail 
John Stockton was given 400 of the 1640 acres composing 
hisfathet's plantation called Oneaniktn, and from his 
father-in-law, Daniel Leeds, he obtained an additional 
'. acres. He at first 1 ved on the 400 acre plact, after- 
ward near Jobstown. His children were Daniel and 

3 FELIX Lt EDS, horn July 27, 1687; died 1744. He married 

Hannah Hewlings, daughter of William Hewlings and 
Dorothy tves. 11 is farm, popularly called the Hog Ponds, 
a rich place, doubtless, and which came to him from his 
wife, was between Marl ton and Med ford, in Burlington 
Co., New Jersey, Another farm of 500 acres, which also 
came from his wife, lies to the north, or northeast, of Marl- 
ton. A part of this latter in the year 1S77, still continued 
in the p >ssession of a de-cendant, Richard Leeds, son of 
William, of Med ford. Felix also received land from his 
father, helix's children were Isaac, Abraham, Titan, 
Sarah, Mary and Rebecca 
4FHILO LEEDS, 1st, date ol birth not recorded; married Abigail 
Denn s, au ;hter of Samuel Dennis and Increase Lippin- 

— 5— 

cott. According to Franklin Earl, Philo Leeds lived near 
Pemberton. He is mentioned in a deed made by his father 
in the year 1719 as a resident of Northampton township, 
Burlington County, the property transferred (300 acres) 
being in Springfield township, of the same county, and the 
cost of it to Philo, "2000 long cedar shingles with good will 
and affection." 

Philo had three daughters, Jemima, Anne and Mary, 
and two sons, Vincent and Philo 2nd. 

5 BETHANAH LEEDS, born March 24, 1692; married Mary 

. Bethanah lived awhile in the fork of the Ranco- 

cas creek on a farm given him by his father, and is said 
(in a deed) to have also lived in Northampton Co., Vir- 
ginia. He seems to have died at 30 or 35 years of age, 
leaving a widow and ihree children (Elizabeth, Ann and 
Lacareca) the widow marrying later Richard Yeo. 

6 ANN LEEDS, born Feb, 17, 1694-5; buried July 4, 1769. Mar- 

ried Revell Elton, born Dec. 6, 1689, son of Anthony 
Ellon and Elizabeth Revell. 

Revell Elton's name occur-; in a marriage certificate of 
the year 1740 as a juscice of the peace. 

His children were Revell, Robert, Elizabeth, flary, 
Hannah and Thomas. 

7 DANIEL LEEDS, 2nd, born June 5, 1697. Of Daniel we have 

no positive knowledge. The late FranUlin Earl, surveyor 
of Pemberton, N. J., seems to have heard that he married 
and that his children were daughters only. 

8 TITAN LEEDS, born Aug. 25, 1699, married Mary Newbold, 

daughter of Joshua and Hannah Newbold. 

If Titan left descendants they have not yet been discov- 

In letters of gnaidianshij) given Sept. 7, 1724 , over Mary Peeps, 
daughter of Henry and Mary, he is styled a yeoman His neighbor 
RIeazar Fen ton, who nnde his will March 28th, 1728, calls him in it 
his "well beloved friend" » nd names him as executor. He continued 
until 1735 or 1736 to edit the Almannc published by Bradford and 
doubtless remained during lift on the farm in Springfield given him 
by his f.Uher. 

Sometime between the years 1725 and 1730 Titan is siid to have 

been Sheriff of the County of Burlington. 

B. K. I,. 

III. JAPHETH LEEDS, 1st, born perhaps in Springfield 
township, County of Burlington and State of New Jersey, 10 mo., 24, 
1683, was baptised an Episcopalian when about 21 years of age, his 

father having left the Society of Friends several years before. The 
compiler had heretofore supposed that Japheth, just before marry" 
ing, had re-entered the Society, but this is an uncertainty, his 
daughter and first child, Mary, having been born, apparently, the 
year that he was baptised. His wife, Deborah's, surname not yet 
discovered nor, with two exceptions, the birth-dates of his twelve 
children. Further, the date of Japheth's settlement at "the shore" 
can only be guessed at. It may have been 1710 or several years 
earlier. In 17 10 he purchased of his uncle, Felix Leeds, Further 
Island that in 1707 his father had sold to this uncle. From his 
father he received Leeds Point containing from 800 to 1000 acres. 

Japheth's house, not now existing, stood well out on the Point 
near where the present Townsend House stands, or perhaps on the 
same site. This was an old fashioned hip-roofed structure, known 
as the homestead, and was successively occupied later by Japheth, 
the 2nd, by his son Samuel, and by the latter's youngest son 
Barzillai. "Barzillai Leeds toredown this old house, it is said, and 
built another on the same foundation. This is the house now- 
occupied by the Townsends." 

Leeds Point is a promontory with Great Hay upon one side anil Little Hay 
OU the other and is said to be the highest coastside laud between the Highlands 
of New Jersey and the Capes of Virginia. Upon the very top of this noticeable 
elevation is to be seen a diminutive and ancient graveyard, in which, it is sup- 
posed, rest the bodies of Japh tli and his wifeas well as s me of his children 
and later descendants. B F. I,. 

Japheth Leeds' children occur in his will, made 2 mo., 5, 1736, 
in the following order: 

IV. Robert, born probably about 1706; 
John, born probably about 1708; 

Japheth, 2nd, born 3 mo., 18, 1710; died 4 mo., 12, 1781; 

flary, born prob'ly about 1704; 
Hannah, born 2 mo., 18, 1726; died ti mo., 24, 1762. 

IV. JOHN LEEDS, second son of Japheth, the ist, and Dor- 
othy Leeds, born about 170S, married 6 mo., 17, 1737, Rebecca 
Cordery, bv whom he had four children. He married a second 
time in 1751, Sarah flathis, daughter of John and Alice Mathis, 
bv whom he had children also to the number of four. John Leeds 
was a fauner of the township of Galloway, which was then in 
Gloucester County, the farm that he occupied being probably the 
one willed him by his father and that had once belonged to his 
uncle, Felix Leeds John was a minister in the Society of Friends. 

His children by his first wife were - 

V 1 WILLIAM LEEDS, born 5 mo. 24, 1738, and who died 2 
mo., 182S, married, 1768, flary, daughter of Richard 
Osborn Jr., Mary Osbom born 1743; died 12 mo., 17, 1797. 

2 JOHN LEEDS, born 11 mo., 1740, perhaps married 5 mo., 12, 

1760, Elizabeth Giffin, of Gloucester, Co., X. J. John is 
paid to have been lost at sea but was living in 1784, when 
his father's will was made. 

3 JAriES LEEDS, born 5 month, 1742, perhaps died young as 

nothing further is known of him. 

4 nARY LEEDS, born 2 mo., 1746. Either this Mary or her uncle 

Robert Leeds' daughter Mary, married 4 mo., t6, 1768, 
John Little, 3d, of Monmouth Co., son of John Little, 
2nd, and grandson of John Little ist. 

John Little 3rd was a lieutenant in the patriot Army of the Revo- 
lution and was killed in 1777. Mary ( Leeds) Little afterward married 
Guisbert Lane, of Albany, and had issue with him as well as with 
her first husband. 

John Leeds' children by his second wife were: 

V. 5 DANIEL LEEDS, born 7 mo., 25, 1752, married "out of meet- 
ing" 1 mo., 3, 1775, Mary, daughter of Frederick Steel- 
man 1st. 

6 JEREMIAH LEEDS, born 3 mo., 4. 1754. married, 12 mo. 8, 

1776, Judith, daughter of Frederick Steelman ist. 

He married a second time Mi 1 1 icent, daughter of Isaac and 
Hannah Steelman. Jeremiah owned part of Absecom 
Beach upon which the famous sea- side resort has since 
been built. His residence, probably, upon the beach 
where most of his children and some of his later decend- 
ants have dwelt. 

7 VINCENT LEEDS, born 7 mo., 30, 1756, married Catharine 

Carr a wddow, and daughter of Noah and Judith Smith. 
Vincent Leeds was a farmer and lived near the extreme 

— 8— 

end of Leeds' Point, the site of his house being opposite 
that occupied b/ Daniel Shourds in 1878. 

Daniel Shourds was a son of Rebecca (Leeds Shourds and grand- 
son of William Leeds, Vincent's half brother. William Leeds prob- 
ably had his home near by, as he was the owner of land between 
the Vincent Leeds house and the site of the first house erected on 
the Point, the home of the original settler, Japheth Leeds 1st. 
8 DOROTHY LEEDS, born 7 mo., 30, 1756, was, as will be seen, a 
twin sister of Vincent. She died in 1823, her marriage to 
C- Robert Smith occurring about 177&— 

£,-<*- .1 ^- u T3- Robert Smith was a brother of Vincent's wife, another brother be- 

ing Samuel Smith who married Elizabeth Bassett, daughter of Daniel 
Bassett 3rd, of Salem Co , X J. Robert Smith and wife were Salem 
Co residents where a number of their descendants a e still to be 



V.VINCENT LEEDS, son of John and Sarah (Mathis) Leeds, 
born at Egg Harbor, N. J., 7 1110., 30, 1756, died at 
Richmond, Indiana, 12 mo., 28, 1841. He married 
Catharine Carr, born n mo., 13, 1754, died 7 mo., 
13, 1825; willow of Job Carr and daughter of Noah and 
Judith Smith. 

JobCar, born 7 n o., 15, 1750, is said to have been killed on the 
Ridgway farm (Little Egg Harbor) by the Britisi durintc the Revo' 
lutionary War. He was the son of Caleb and Sarah (Ridgway) Carr 
and had with Catharine Smith two children, Millicent, born u, 28 

1782 an 1 Job. Millicent Carr, married Stanley, their daughter, 

Catharine Stanley, marrying a Benjamin I.ongstaff, with issue, a son. 

Job Carr, Jr , perhaps married at Great Kgg Harbor, Ruth 

and had a son Job, born 7 mo-, 2, iNi3 

Vincent and Catharine Leeds' children were: 

VI. i NOAH LEEDS, born at Leeds' Point, Great Egg Harbor, 

N. J. 8 mo.. 17, 17S8. 
_> WARNER MIFFLIN LEEDS, born at Leeds Point, N. J.. 

2 mo., 22, 1791; died at Richmond, Indiana, 8 mo., 3, 1850. 
3 CATHARINE LEEDS, born at Leeds Point, N. J., 10 mo., 12, 

1795; died at Mansfield, Ohio, 9 1110., 22, 1861. 

VI. NOAH LEEDS, son of Vincent and Catharine (Smith-Carr) 
Leeds, born at Leeds Point, N. J., 8 mo , 17, 1788; 
married 4 1110 , 7, [8ll, at Darby, Pa.. Ann L. Craig 

— 9— 

who was born i mo., 30, 1792, and died of cholera at 
Salem, N. J., between the years 1S45 and 1850. 

Noah Leeds a noted school teacher of Salem county, N J. 
perhaps previously at Darby and at Richmond, Indiana 
he having removed to the latter place in the year 1827. 

Ann Leeds was the daughter of William and Letitia 'Noblit) Craig, 
who were married 8 mo. 3, 1773. Letitia Noblit, who was born 12 mo., 
12, 1753, and died 5 mo., 11, 1828, was thrice married, William Craig 
being her first husband; W. Murphy, who died 8 mo., 5, 1803 her 
second, and David Ware her third. 

Noah and Ann L. (Craig) Leeds' children were: 
VII. 1 LETITIA LEEDS, born at or near Darby, Pa., 3 mo., 26, 
181 2, died at Richmond, Indiana unmarried, 7 mo., 
25, 1833. 

2 Vincent Augustus Leeds, born at or near Darby 
Pa., 3 mo., 23, 1813; died at Richmond, Indiana, un- 
married, 9 mo., 24, 1835. 

3 Ann Craig Leeds, born at or near Darby, Pa., 1 mo., 
23, 1817; married Edward Singley, M. D., 1 mo., 31. 
181 1; and died at West Grove, Chester Co., Pa., 9 mo, 11, 

4 William Leeds, born at Springboro, Warren Co., Ohio, 
10 mo., 11, 1828. He died unmarried. 

VII. 3 ANN CRAIG LEEDS, daughter of Noah and Ann L. 
(Craig) Leeds, born at or near Darby, Pa., 1 mo., 23, 
1817; married 10 mo., 31, 1838, Dr. Edward Singley 
who was born at Byberry, Philadelphia Co., Pa., 1 mo., 
31, 1811 . Dr. Singley resides at West Grove, Chester Co., 
Pa., where his wife died 9 mo., 11, 1887. 

Their children: 
VIII. 1 JESSE IDEN SINGLEY, born Richmond, Ind., 8 mo., 
11, 1839; died young. 

2 Mary Singley, born Richmond, Ind., 8 mo., 29, 1841; is 
living with her father at West Grove, Pa. 

3 William Singley, born Salem, N. J., 3, mo., 26, 1846; 



married 3 mo., 14, 1875, Fannie Bowman. 

4 Maurice Singley, born. Salem, N. J., 4 mo., 14, 1851, 
married 1873, Williamanna Grove. 

5 Samuel Leeds Singley, born Salem, N. J., 7 mo., 18, 
1856, married 12 mo., 15, 1890, Minnie White. S. L. 
Singley died at Ocean City, N. J., 1893. 

VIII. 3 WILLIAM SINGLEY, son of Ann Craig (Leeds) and 
Dr. Edward Singley, born at Salem, N. J., 3 mo., 26, 1846; 
married 3 mo., 14, 1875, Fannie Bowman, who was born 
at Byberry, Philadelphia Co., Pa., 2 mo., 26, 1846, and was 
the daughter of John and Ann (Comly) Bowman. 
William Singley, a dentist at London Grove, Pa. 

IX. 1 Elma Singley, deceased; 

2 Caroline French Singley, 

3 Ellingwood Singley, 

4 Vincent Singley, 

5 riabel Singley, 

6 Helen Singley, deceased. 

VIII. 4 MAURICE SINGLEY, son of Ann Craig (Leeds) and 
Dr. Edward Singley, born Salem, N. J , 4, 14, 1851; mar- 
ried, 1873, Williamanna Grove, daughter and only child 
of Willam and Martha Grove. 

IX. 1 Edward Singley, 

2 riartha Singley, 

3 Annie Singley. 

VI. 2 WARNER MIFFLIN LEEDS, son of Vincent and Catha- 
rine (Stnith-Carr) Leeds, born at Leeds Point, N. J., 2 mo., 
22, 1791; died at Richmond, Ind., 8 mo., 3, 1850. He mar- 
ried 1819, at Springboro, Warren Co., Ohio, Elizabeth 
Bateman, born 9 mo., 5, 1789, died 2 mo., 25, 1857. 

— II — 

VII. i Ann Leeds, born 6 mo., 17, 1820; married 10 mo., 13, 
1841, Judge William A. Bickle. 
sj; 2 William Bateman Leeds, born 12 mo., 29, 1822; died 
7 mo., 7, 1894. He married first flary Laws, no issue, 
and secondly in 1877 Anne Stuart of New York City. 
NC 3 Noah Smith Leeds, born 3 mo., 28, 1825; married Han- 
M. Starr. 
4 Catharine Leeds, born 6 mo., 15, 1827; died 10 mo., 10, 
1869. She married 8 mo., 1855, Dr. James Farquhar 
.5 Elizabeth Leeds, born 5 mo., 5 1830; died 1856; married 
6 mo., 1851, Dr. James Wylie, 

VIL 1 ANNA LEEDS, daughter of Warner M. and Elizabeth 
(Bateman) Leeds, born 6 mo., 17, 1820; married 10 mo., 
13, 1 84 1, Judge William A. Bickle, a native of Virginia. 

VIII. 1 Mary Bickle, born at Richmond, Ind., 8 mo., 6, 1842; 
died 3 mo., 17, i860. 


VII. 2 WILLIAM BATEMAN LEEDS, son of Warner M and 

Elizabeth (Bateman) Leeds, born at Richmond, Ind., 12 
mo., 29, 1822; died at Lakewood, N. J., 7 mo., 7, 1894. He 
married first Mary Laws, no issue; a second time in 1877, 
Annie Stuart, daughter of James Stuart and Elizabeth 
Whitewright, of New York City. Issue, 3 children. 

William B. Leeds, a lawyer of New York, City, His 
widow, a resident of Lakewood, N. J. 


VIII. 1 Elizabeth Whitewright Leeds, born Oct. 14, 1879. 

2 Margaret Stuart Leeds, born May 8, 1883; died Jan. 
9, 1887. 

3 William Stuart Whitewright Leeds, born June 14, 


VII. 3 NOAH SniTH LEEDS, son of Warner M. and Elizabeth 
(Bateman) Leeds, born at Richmond, Ind., 3 mo., 28, 
1825. Noah Smith Leeds, a merchant of Richmond, where 
he died. He married Hannah A. Starr, born 8 mo., 10, 
1829, daughter of Chas, Starr. Hannah A. Leeds living — 
her residence Richmond, Ind. 

VIII. 1 Charles Starr Leeds, born 2 mo., 24, 1859; a graduate 
of Cornell University; married Annie Budington, 11 
mo., 24, 1885. 

They have one child: 
IX. Stanton Budington Leeds, born Minneapolis, Minn., 
9 mo., 19, 1886. 

2 William Bateman Leeds, born 9 mo., 10, 1861; married 
10 mo. 16, 1883, Jeannette Qaar. Their residence Rich- 
mond, Indiana. 

One child: 
IX. Rudolph Caar Leeds, born Richmond, Ind., 3 mo., 
15, 1886. 

3 Warner Hifflin Leeds, born 12 mo., 29, 1868; unmar- 
ried. Address, Elwood, Ind. 

VII. CATHARINE LEEDS, daughter of Warner M. and Eliz- 
abeth (Bateman) Leeds, born ac Richmond, Ind., 6 mo., 
15, 1827, died 10 mo, 15, 1868. She married 5 mo. 6, 1856, 
at Richmond., Dr. James Farquhar Hibberd, who was 

born near New Market, ind., 11 mo., 4, 1816; the son of 
Joseph Hibberd. ^"^ 

Dr. J. A Hibberd had previously married near Dayton, Ohio, 3 
mo., 31, 1842, Nancy D Higgins. who died 4 mo., 26, 1846; and after 
Catharine Leeds' death a third wife, Elizabeth M. Laws, at Rich- 
mond Ind., 4 mo,, 20, 1871. 

Further particulars regarding Dr. T»s. F. Hibberd will be found 
on page 514 of Gilbert Cope's "The Sharpless Family." 

Children : 

[Elgar Grant Hibberd — by first wife — born 4 mo., 24. 
1844, arj d wUO married Elizabeth Jane Morrison.] 
VIII. Wilton Leeds Hibberd, (by second wife) born 9 
mo., 3, 1858, unmarried; his residence 11 N. Eighth St.> 
Richmond, Ind. 


VII. 5 ELIZABETH LEEDS, daughter of Warner M. and Eliza- 

beth (Bateuian) Leeds, born at Richmond, Ind., 5 mo., 5, 
1830; died at Richmond, 1856. She married Dr. John 
Wylie, 6 mo., 1851. Dr. Wylie died at Honolulu, Sand- 
wich Islands, 1855. 


VIII. IRENE WYLIE, born 4 mo., 24, 1853: married 10 mo., 

188 \, Nathaniel Trask, of Bayonne, N.J. 

They have one child: 
IX. Natalie Trask, born at Bayonne, N. J. 10 mo., 1884. 

VI. 3 Catharine Leeds, daughter of Vincent and Catharine 

(Smith-Carr) Leeds, born at Leeds Point, Great Egg Har- 
bor, N. J., 10 mo., 12, 1795; died at Mansfield, Ohio, 9 mo., 
22, 1861. She married 6 mo., 17, 1817, at Friend's Meet- 
ing, Green St., Philadelphia, William Anthony Bruck. 
W. A. B. born 5 mo., 5, 1785, at Maudel, 12 miles from 
the River Rhine, 27 from the city of Mentz, Germany, 
was the son of Anton Bruck and Anna Ottelia Arnold. He 
was a physician. His death occurred at Mansfield, Ohio, 
12 mo., 11, 1855. 

The children of Catharine Leed9 and William A. Bruck 
were : 

VII. 1 Elizabeth Bruck, born 11 mo., 12, 1821; died 9 mo., 8, 

1846. She married 10 mo., 30, 1839, William Frost, of 
New York City. 

2 Edwin Augustus Bruck, born 10 mo., 10, 1823; died 10 
mo., 1860. He married 1 mo., 5, 1851, Elizabeth Jane 


3 William Bruck, born at New Lisbon, Ohio, n mo., 13, 
1825; died at Placerville, Cal., 1 mo.. 1, 1851, unmarried. 

4 Catharine Ottelia Bruck, born n mo., 19, 1827; died 
i860. She married, 1848, Hugh Lang King. 

5 Louisa Bruck, born 10 mo., 8, 1831; married 11 mo., 9, 
1852, Henry Davis. 

6 David Townsend Bruck. born 10 mo., 11, 1834; married 
8 mo., 1, 1869, Nancy Butler. 


VII. i ELIZABETH BRUCK, daughter of Catharine (Leeds) 

and William Anthony Bruck, born at Philadelphia, Pa., 
11 mo., 12, 1821, died at Mansfield, Ohio, 9 mo., 8, 1846. 
She married 10 mo., 30, 1839, William Frost, of New 
York City. W. Frost, a merchant, N. Y. After his wife's 
death he went to California, where he died. 

Children : 

VIII. 1 Sarah Appolonia Frost, born at Mansfield, Ohio, 8 mo,, 

18, 1841. 
2 Leonard Leeds Frost, born at Mansfield, Ohio, 1845. 
Supposed to have been killed in the War of the Rebellion. 

VII. Edwin Augustus Bruck, son of Catharine (Leeds) and 

William A. Bni<:k, born at Philadelphia, Pa., 10 mo., 10, 
1823; died at Mansfield, Ohio, 10 mo., i860. He married 
1 mo., 5, 1851, Elizabeth Jane Phillips, ,vho was born at 
Richwood, Ohio, 7 mo., 3, 1834, the daughter of William 
Arthur Phillips and Isabella Woods. Edwin A. Bruck, a 


VIII. 1 Philathea Bruck, born 5 mo., 17, 1852; married 5 mo., 

8, 1870, John Frederick Miller. 

2 Sarah Hastings Bruck, burn 9 mo., 5, 1855; married 9 
mo., 7, 1874, Monroe \V. Humeston. 

Elizabeth Jane Phillips) Brack married a second time, Ju'y 20, if-69, 
William A. Moore, who was born in Holmes Co., Ohio. Aug. 15, 1826, 
anj was the son of Uaniel Moareand Jane McCoy. 

The children of this marriage were: 
Claire Alfred Moore born at Osceola, Iowa, Junez7, 1873- 
Arthur Griffith Moore, born at Clear Lake, Iowa, Jan. 3, 1875. 

VII. 4 CATHARINE OTTELIA BRUCK, daughter of Catharine 
{ Leeds) and William Anthony Bruck, born at New Lisbon, 
Ohio, 11 mo., 19. 1827; died at Mansfield, Ohio, in i860. 
She married in 1S48, at Mansfield, Hugh Laing King, who 


was born at Newark, N. J., in 1819 and died at Mansfield, 
Ohio, in 1874 

Hugh Laing King's parents were Joseph King, (son of Nathan 
and Sarah) born in Amwell township, N J , 2 rno., 3, 1782, and Cath- 
arine Laing (daughter of Thomas and Martha) born at Railway, N. 
J , 10 mo., 6, 1787. Joseph King and Catharine Laing were married in 
Friend's Meeting at Railway, 1 mo., 1805. 

VIII. 1 William Joseph King, born at Mansfield, Ohio, 4 mo., 
27, 1 85 1. His present home is at Mansfield 

2 Mildred Leeds King, born at Mansfield, Ohio, 5 mo., 
1853; married 9 mo., 1871, William Harris, a lawyer, 
whose residence is Toledo, Ohio. 

Their children are: 

Henry Harris, born 9 mo., 1872. 
Hugh Harris, born 1 mo., 1878. 

3 Edwin Bruck King, born at Mansfield, Ohio, 1 mo., 26, 
1857; married 6 mo., 15, 1879, Bertie Sheets. Residence, 
Mansfield, Ohio. 

VII. 5 LOUISA BRUCK, daughter of Catharine (Leeds) and 

William Anthony Bruck, born at New Lisbon, Ohio, 10 
mo., 8, 1831; was married ri mo., 9, 1852 to Henry Davis, 
a lawyer, who was born in Fayette Co., Pa., 11 mo., 30, 


VIII. 1 Lillie M. Davis, born at Mansfield, Ohio, 7 mo., 13, 

1854; died 5 mo., 15, 1885. She married 6 mo., 28, 1882, 
George Brown and had 

IX. 1 Louis? Brown, born 10 no., 27, 1383. 

2 Benjamin Burke Brown, born 3 mo., 21, 1885. 
2 Harry Leeds Davis, born 10 mo., 8, 1857, at Mansfield, 
Ohio. H. L. D-, a cashier, unmarried, residence Mans- 

VII. 6 DAVID TOWNSEND BRUCK, son of Catharine (Leeds) 
and William Anthony Bruck, born at New Brighton, Pa , 
10 mo., 11, 1834; married 8 mo., 1, 1869, Nancy Butler, 

— 16— 

who was born 9 mo., 10, 1844, at Nashville, Tenn., her 
parents being W. O. and Johanna Butler. D. T. Bruck is 
a physician whose residence is at Marionville, Missouri. 

VIII. 1 Clarence Butler Bruck, born at Marionville, Mo., 6 
mo., 12, 1870. 

2 Johanna Belle Bruck, born at Marionville, Mo., 8 mo., 

22, 1872; married 12 mo., 2, 1891, Fines Ewing 

Their children: 
IX. 1 Earl Ewing Crumpley, born at Marionville, 

10 mo., 12, 1S92. 

2 Dotie Clarence Cru.npley, born at Marionvdle, 

11 mo., 6, 1895. 

3 Edwin Bruck, born at Marionville, Mo., 12 mo 12 


4 Louisa Frances Bruck, born at Marionville, Mo., 1 

mo., 1, 1879. 

5 May Winnifred Bruck, born at Marionville, Mo., 4 

mo., 28, 1881. 

VIII. iPHILATHEA BRUCK, daughter of Edwin Augustus 
and Elizabeth Jane (Phillips) Bruck, born at Richwood, 
Ohio, 5 mo., 17, 1852; married 5 mo., 8, 1870, at Osceola' 
Iowa, John Frederick niller, a railroad agent, who was 
born at Mount Gilead, Ohio, 2 mo., 27, 1847. Present 
home, West Union, Iowa. 

IX. 1 Alfred Bruck Hiller, born at Wapello, Iowa, 9 
mo., 13, 187 1 ; married Nellie flyers. 
X. Walter Bruck Miller. 
2. Elizabeth Lucille Miller, born at West Union, 
Iowa, 3 mo., 20, 1878. 

3 Phyllis Leeds niller, born at West Union, Iowa, 
6 mo., 18, 1888. 

VIII. 2 SARAH HASTINGS BRUCK, daughter of Edwin Au- 
gustus and Elizabeth Jane (Phillips) Bruck was born at 


Richwood, Ohio, 9 mo., 5, 1855. She married 9 mo., 7, 
1874, at Macon City, Iowa, Honroe Warden Humeston, 
a merchant, who was born at Fowler, Trumbull Co., Ohio, 
11 mo., 20, 1S50, his parents being Alva Humeston and 
Mary Northrup. 

IX. 1 Clara Louise Humeston, born at Humeston, Iowa. 
10 mo., 28, 1876. 

2 Roy Edwin Humeston, born at Humeston. Iowa, 

1 mo., 16. 1879; died 2 mo., 1879. 

3 Ray Leeds Humeston, born at Humeston, Iowa, 

1 mo , 16, I1S82. 

4 Harold Bruck Humeston, born at Humeston, 

Iowa, 1 mo , 3, 1891. 

5 Vincent Moore Humeston, born at Rialto, San 

Bernandino Co., Cal., 9 mo., 23, 1895. 

Alt fa 



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